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Lunasin Cocoa Ex Black Chocolate Meal Replacement 🍫

Lunasin Cocoa Ex Black Chocolate Meal Replacement 🍫

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❤️Ultra low 98.5 calories
❤️Provide enough satiety
❤️Chia seeds, psyllium, triple the value of water
❤️Chia seeds and psyllium can help with bowel movements💩
❤️Increase body leptin
❤️No added sugar formula reduces the burden on the body
❤️Convenient packaging
❤️A thin bag of handbags
❤️A box of 15 packs a pack of 30g
❤️Comes with 15 independent eco-friendly wheat straws for convenience and environmental protection♻️
❤️Taiwan factory production through a number of tests, the quality is guaranteed
Features :
- Different from ordinary meal replacements
- Not just supplementing the energy and nutrition of a meal, but also adding additional health-enhancing, muscle-building and anti-obesity ingredients。 
- The packaging design increases portability and is more convenient to drink and take out at any time帶。
Lunasin cocoa
Add exclusive ingredient Lunasin
Less than ten factories around the world have
Low molecular weight soy peptides make it easier for the body to absorb
Eight functions of Lunasin
  • Anti-obesity
  • anti-oxidation
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • reduce cholesterol
  • Anti-cancer
  • boost immunity
  • Antihypertensive
  • Anti-inflammatory
- The main ingredient, Lunasin, is an expensive ingredient with various health benefits, targeting subcutaneous fat is one of them一。 
- Increase leptin in the body (suppress appetite)
- Enhance thermogenic effect (accelerate fat catabolism) 
- Decreases free fatty acids (reduces fat accumulation)
- Small molecular weight of peptides (accelerating protein absorption to increase muscle mass and burn fat))


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