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「快閃」Envy Me嫉妒我瘦腿組合

「快閃」Envy Me嫉妒我瘦腿組合

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Envy Me Envy Me Upgraded🔥



✓ Ultra Concentrated Camellia Extract

✓ Bitter Orange Extract

✓ African Mango Extract

✓ Irish Patent Marine Magnesium

✓ French peptide grade fish scale collagen

✓ Chitosan

✓ Cactus Extract

✓ Highly concentrated coix seed powder

✓ Celery Leaf Powder Extract

✓ Black Date Extract

✓ beer yeast


internal volume:

✓ 30 capsules of 500mg/capsule顆)


way of eating:

✓ Eat on an empty stomach in the morning

✓ Normal 1/Enhanced 2

✓ 2000cc of water needs to be added daily

✓ Please avoid drinks and snacks宵夜

✓ Do not eat five hours before bedtime


storage method:

✓Please place in a cool place to avoid high temperature, humidity and sunlight光照射。



✓This product is food, please consume it within two months after opening畢。

✓During breastfeeding, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist for professional advice見。



Jealous of Me - Firming Body Massage 150ml

Intimate design without adding coolness or warmth

It is not a problem to use every day all year round😘

Advanced essential oils are added to create a silky skin

No need to rinse after use, it will be fully absorbed by the skin

Ingredient addition🔜

Sweet Almond Oil Cold Press Sunflower Oil Vitamin E Cold Press Avocado Oil Coffee Fruit Oil咖啡果油、

Rosehip Oil Ginkgo Comfrey Root Oil Squalane Ginger Essential Oil薑精油、

Juniper Essential Oil Lavender Essential Oil Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Rosemary Essential Oil香精油


How to use

❶ Skin care can be applied to the whole body as moisturizing oil after bathing身

❷ Slimming and serious massage for 10-20 minutes can also be used for massage oil in the SPA hall體雕。

❸Smear stretch marks and fat lines on the stretch mark area twice a day in the morning and evening次。

❹It is recommended to use a body brush to massage vigorously for 5-10 minutes鐘。

❺Eedema Make a fist with both hands and use the strength of the knuckles to slide from the ankle to the side of the calf from the bottom to the top, apply a little force to stimulate the leg muscles, repeat 10 times and then switch feet0次後換腳。


⚠️Precautions ❶Essential oil formula can not be used by pregnant women ❷It is recommended to test locally for the strong penetration


(只限順豐櫃/順豐站) 順豐上門+$5

($2000以下 $160/kg)





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