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2% Tranexamic Acid Extreme Whitening Body Lotion

2% Tranexamic Acid Extreme Whitening Body Lotion

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Are you still using sticky body lotion??
NO! Let this bad feeling stay away from you

❤️Chanel Love Story Fragrance Body Lotion❤️
|Three whitening ingredients|
❤️Add enough 2% tranexamic acid
❤️High-efficiency patented micron pearl powder
❤️Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate
|Five moisturizing ingredients|
❤️Global patented 5D moisturizing xylitol
❤️Small molecule moisturizing factor
❤️macromolecule moisturizing hyaluronic acid
❤️Vitamin B5
✨Qualified and effective 2% whitening ingredients of the Ministry of Health and Welfare成分
✨Double patent, multiple moisturizing ingredients水、儲水
✨Patented ingredients Compounding
brighten skin Improve dullness and uneven skin tonePigmentation
✨Eliminate free radicals and antioxidants化
✨Elegant and mild floral fragrance
✨No additional white powder is added and does not block pores毛孔
✨Can be used in winter and summer
✨The lotion has a high degree of extension, a small amount can be applied to the whole body

【How to use Take an appropriate amount of whitening lotion and spread it evenly on the whole body for absorption.可 
For tan-prone skin, please use with sunscreen during the day for better results更佳
Origin Taiwan灣
※Not suitable for pregnant women
Children under the age of 3 are not allowed to use
Pay attention to sun protection It is recommended to apply sunscreen during the day or cover with clothing蔽
(Can be paired with 2% Salicylic Acid Renewing Body Lotion Rose Island Sea Salt Smoothie Cream Add two for $5200)


(只限順豐櫃/順豐站) 順豐上門+$5

($2000以下 $160/kg)





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