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French Fish Scale Collagen (Cranberry Original)

French Fish Scale Collagen (Cranberry Original)

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The best-selling collagen in Taiwan❤️

French fish scale collagen-American Organic Cranberry Extract

Collagen is the key to maintaining your beauty

Skin maintains elasticity, effective anti-wrinkle small molecules are easily absorbed吸收


🔺Classic Cranberry Collagen

▫️Pure Natural Cranberry

▫️French fish scale collagen

90%French fish scale collagen + 10%Pure Natural Cranberry


♥️Large capacity200gedible40daily serving

♥️Give up the cost of gorgeous aluminum foil packaging and give back to consumers directly in the price者

♥️Challenging the market with the smallest molecular structure

♥️The most easily absorbed peptide『 2,000 Da

🌟Classic Edition-Cranberry French Fish Scale Collagen

It is suitable for those who just want to supplement collagen. If you just want to supplement collagen and are afraid of fishy smell, the classic version is the best choice.擇。



Are you worried about product quality and safety??

Rest assured that Jon is there to win the National Quality質ⓈⓃⓆcertified👍🏻


Winning by the quality of collagen itself is very simple, only collagen蛋白+American Cranberry。

Challenge the lowest price of the highest content and smallest molecule on the market價格。


Instead of using compound ingredients, the ingredients are very simple單純

Therefore, pregnant women can use it with confidence when breastfeeding their children.使用。

American cranberry also has a good effect on intimate care.!

Tell you the benefits of eating collagen🥰

☑️strong bones ☑️skin elasticity

☑️prevent aging ☑️lighten acne scars

☑️Skincare ☑️Improve dullness


emphasize again📣

Absolutely no fishy smell

Absolutely no fishy smell

Absolutely no fishy smell


(只限順豐櫃/順豐站) 順豐上門+$5

($2000以下 $160/kg)





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