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Day Jon chooses three pieces from the $450 collection

Day Jon chooses three pieces from the $450 collection

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Day Jon Biotech has it all✨
Whatever you need🫖

Is the private area prone to inflammation, itching and odor??
Both men and women need a bottle
「Plant Extract Intimate Muscle Cleanser」
「Intimate Cleansing Soothing Mist」
Wash + spray more clean and comfortable😌

Air pollution is bad even without makeup
It also requires serious makeup removal.
But it is troublesome to have oil & water🫠
At this time, you need a lazy makeup remover magic weapon
「Hair hole cleansing cotton」
A single wipe removes dirt👍

Routine steps after makeup removal
I need a bottle when I wash my face
「Pure Soothing Cleanser」
Able to further strengthen the cleaning of the face
Purify and condition pores
Helps soothe dry skin
Wash out brighter, brighter skin
Improve skin defense

Annoying pimples on face after face wash
Here's a pimple soothing gel膠」
Can be the size of individual acne
Apply thin or thick compresses!
Say goodbye to acne soon🏻

Hair is prone to frizz and split ends🪢
This group of hair repair secret weapons
you must lose🛒
「Resurrection Herb Fragrance Hair Toner Mist」
「MVP Diamond Salon Professional Hair Mask」
Easy home hair care after shampooing
Hair lotion for wet and dry hair
Let you go out with a charming fragrance
Be the most beautiful back kill on the street😆

There are candy-loving babies at home
Can be replaced with our day Jon's
「Baby+ series」
♥️Proprietary Probiotics
🍏Green Apple Flavor
Promote gastrointestinal motility and digestion化
Maintain the amount of beneficial bacteria in the stomach and reduce the occurrence of diseases

♥️Patented Lutein
🍍Pineapple flavor
Free lutein is easy to absorb
Effectively block blue light to maintain eyesight力
Protect the window of your baby's soul👀

♥️Patented Natural Yeast D2
🥭mango flavor
Accelerates calcium absorption
help bone development
maintain blood calcium balance
maintain the nervous system
Effectively maintain normal growth

♥️Patented Coral Calcium
🍊orange flavor
Contains calcium and magnesium in a perfect ratio of 2:1
Effectively block bone calcium loss
maintain normal bone development

♥️Patented DHA
Passion Fruit Flavor
Helps improve vision
Help brain development Improve thinking

🍇grape flavor
With Vitamin C EB1B1、
maintain normal body function
Improve nervous system health
Enhance immunity and balanced nutrition
There are 6 functional flavors in the whole product
Really don't let your babies
Eating ineffective, high-calorie candies果🍬
Day Jon Baby+ Series
Nutritious, delicious and healthy♥️

Cocoa Zinc Chewable Tablets 🍫
「Zinc is an essential element for the proper functioning of cellular enzymes元素,
Related to the production of protein nucleic acid collagen body tissue成有關,
Therefore, getting enough zinc can help the skin, hair, and nails、指甲、
Oral mucosal formation and wound healing
girls eat one a day
Older people over 65 can eat two
Boys who want to improve their combat effectiveness at night can also have two👌🏻
This is a mineral element that both men, women and children need

Do you think after reading it?
Day Jon's one-stop service
Choose from the above three magic weapons
$450 off for you
Single item purchase is $165
The whole super cost-effective CP value is very high!


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($2000以下 $160/kg)





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