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Cocha Alpine Oolong Bubble Tea Meal Replacement 🧋

Cocha Alpine Oolong Bubble Tea Meal Replacement 🧋

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𝐂𝐎𝐂𝐇𝐀 Alpine Oolong Milk TeaGod restores the taste of bubble tea🧋
- Using Alpine Oolong instant cold tea powder
The first milk tea-free nutrition and health milk tea
*With whey protein concentrate as a source of milk flavor
Drink very fat, precious milk meal replacement officially launched🧋
𝟏 cup of bubble milk tea on the market = 𝟑 bowl of rice飯🍚🍚🍚
And pearls are refined starches with a very high glycemic index高‼️
1 pack of COCHA is only 108kcal Contains 12g of protein
The sugar content is only 1.2g and erythritol is used
The measured blood sugar test confirmed that the blood sugar Bofu did not exceed 1.2 after an hour after a fasting meal.2
nutritional value = 2 eggs / 1 cup milk奶
= Multivitamins
= Mineral Calcium Supplement
= a bowl of vegetable fiber
= Three health benefits
🧋No added sugar
🧋No added creamer
🧋Contains golden iron triangle weight loss health ingredients
Nutritional ingredients incarnate health milk tea🧋
Choose high-quality and expensive raw materials to form an iron triangle
🔺 Haematococcus pluvialis球藻
Double anti-oxidant to delay aging老
French Cactus Extract取物
Accelerates water excretion to remove vascular waste effect果
Japanese patented fermented black ginger生薑
Soothe women's menstrual discomfort and edema, improve the cold hands and feet冷
Eight effects:
✅protect eyes ✅anti-oxidation
✅protect the heart✅to remove edema
✅Help lose weight✅Improve cold hands and feet
✅Boost metabolism✅Inhibit fat absorption
The packaging bag adopts heat-resistant packaging bag, which can withstand high temperature up to 100 degrees
Can be brewed directly in hot water without affecting nutritional value
Can drink during birth period/winter
Contains fermented black ginger to help improve cold hands and feet and menstrual discomfort

Thoughtfully designed packaging
Water lines with different capacity and sweetness
Including normal slightly sweet and less sweet少甜
Really enjoy the sense of ritual in the milk tea shop
A box of 10 packs @30g packs Each box contains:
10 bags of hand-crank bags, 30g per bag
10 packs of milk tea ingredients, high protein crunchy + brown rice crunchy
10 sachets of Alpine Oolong Cold Pure Tea Powder
10 heat-resistant PE straws
An additional pack of Konjac Pearl Ingredients 50g🤎
🧋suitable for anyone
Suitable for Zhen milk control
Suitable for people who lose weight
suitable for hyperthyroidismperson
Suitable for people with fava bean disease
Suitable for people with diabetes
Suitable for those on a ketogenic diet
suitable for low carb dietperson
Suitable for people with mild lactose intolerance (no milk powder with whey protein concentrate))
Ingredient formula without milk powder Provides high-quality protein for those with lactose intolerance and casein gluten allergy蛋白💪🏻


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