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Calendula Earl Grey Meal Replacement

Calendula Earl Grey Meal Replacement

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𝙀𝙖𝙧𝙡 𝙂𝙧𝙚𝙮 Earl Grey Milk Tea (98.8kcal ONLY)
De-edema, high-efficiency fat-burning, appetite suppression, heat-clearing and detoxification解毒
$345/1 box (14 packs with eco-friendly drinking straws)

▍Unique Flavor Earl Grey Tea▍
Made with black tea leaves smoked with bergamot
It tastes like citrus
No added sugar Sugar comes from the milk itself
Earl Grey tea is made with milk to make orthodox earl grey milk tea茶
More suitable for Hong Kong people who like to drink milk tea

【Kalendu Earl Grey New Features ::
Clearing away heat and detoxifying natural health
Prevent acne, clear heat and detoxify, promote metabolism, remove edema
Enhance liver function and relieve menstrual pain

▍Plant Extract Compound ELIM REAL️
Consists of six French patented botanical extracts
- Meadowsweet Extract
- Solidago Extract
-Dandelion Extract
- Tibetan Fennel Extract
-Guarana Extract
-Fennel Extract
Inhibit the reabsorption of sodium ions to help diuresis and sodium excretion鈉
Regulate vasoconstriction and improve kidney drainage function能
For people with edema
Deedema Helps diuresis and sodium excretion Promote metabolism Help digestion

▍Italian patented ingredient Morosil Moro blood orange血橙
Promote fat burning Reduce fat cell differentiation
Inhibit fat synthesis Help regulate metabolism Antioxidant

 【Kalendu Earl Grey Essential Nutrition Facts::

▍protein element▍
►Soy Protein
protein supplement from soy
Low Calorie Satiety Cholesterol Free固醇

►soybean peptide
Smaller molecules are more easily absorbed by the body
Regulate leptin hormone secretion

▍dietary fiber element▍
►psyllium husk
Rich in fiber to solve constipation problems題

▍vitamin element▍
Various vitamins A, b, c, d, e, k
daily essential vitamin supplements
Helps regulate metabolism in the body

【suitable for people】:
► Unequal nutrient intake
► Easy to edema, standing for a long time, sitting for a long time, slow metabolism謝慢
► Moisture can easily catch fire火
► Eating heavy processed foods for a long time
► Busy work, no time to eat時
►emergency meal after a large meal

Product Specifications
14 Sachets
Serving Size30gg

Nutrition standard
Energy 98.8kcal
Protein 6.6g
total Carbohydrate 17.7g
Sugar 4.7g
Dietary Fiber 1.6g

Packaging Specifications
shake shake packaging
Pour in buffalo milk or vegetable milk to make調
Each pack comes with a wheat straw for easier decomposition。


(只限順豐櫃/順豐站) 順豐上門+$5

($2000以下 $160/kg)





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