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French Fish Scale Collagen Strawberry Milk Flavor (Seasonal Limited Edition)

French Fish Scale Collagen Strawberry Milk Flavor (Seasonal Limited Edition)

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Strawberry Milk Limited Edition🍓
The use of pesticide-free fresh strawberries from Taiwan's greenhouse is very precious珍貴
Because of the season, only 10,000 bottles can be produced,
The strawberries purchased from Taiwanese farmers are only enough to produce 10,000 bottles
-Taiwan Greenhouse Pesticide Free Strawberry
- Fresh, pesticide-free strawberries in season🍓
-Using elevated greenhouse cultivation to isolate pollution
-Provide the neatest growing environment for strawberries
- 8 minutes of ripe strawberries are harvested and then freeze-dried
-Retain the most natural fruity aroma and nutrition
♥️Extra large 200g serving for 40 days
♥️Give up the cost of gorgeous aluminum foil packaging and give back to consumers directly in the price者
♥️Challenging the market with the smallest molecular structure
♥️Most easily absorbed peptide 2,000 Da 』
The amount of vitamin C in strawberries is after the🍓
⚠️Strong antioxidant!
Protects the body from free radical damage
to prevent cancer
At the same time, it can protect vitamin AE and unsaturated fatty acids, etc.等
Enhance immunity without being oxidized
thereby reducing the incidence of cancer and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells
Strawberry contains pectin and wood fiber
With the effect of pantothenic acid, it can help the body to break down fat and reduce cholesterol.外
Promotes bowel movement and facilitates bowel movements
Make it difficult for carcinogens to adhere and be excreted from the body
Make intestinal cancer less likely to form!!!
When Strawberry French Fish Scale Collagen Meets Selome
It is an indispensable beauty product for our women.
Xylomet, also known as oral ceramide
It is an important ingredient in the surface layer of the skin, which can make the base clear.
Precious strawberries only available in one season
Day Jon uses technology to preserve all nutritional value
It can only be said that it is the icing on the cake.!
The best collagen is here
Why spend money on other unilateral health supplements?☺️
I recommend it to you who know how to treat yourself well❤️
☑️Taiwan Local Organic Strawberry
☑️French fish scale collagen
☑️Cellomet Milk Calcium Powder Vitamin C生素C
☑️Limited edition $285/bottle


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